Mission and Guidelines

We aim to be a positive venue, creating better opportunities for improving animal welfare throughout the world. This is a place for groups, people, and communities to come together to help each other. We welcome content that provides information about positive ways to support responsible animal welfare efforts. Concerns about negative issues regarding groups on the database and/or those featured in articles should only be shared via message to the editor, who will take the information under advisement. Photos, posts, comments, and/or entries containing negative or discouraging content will be edited or removed. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Happy rescue stories are what keep us all motivated to hang in there during the toughest times. Please share your stories and articles with us, and we’ll share them with the community! Submissions can be made easily via a submission form.

Information provided on Animal Rescue Guide is a fine start, but please don’t stop there. We cannot verify every group in our database nor guarantee that all groups are doing the kind of work that you would like to volunteer for or to support. Those looking for rescues to volunteer for or to support are advised to continue thoroughly researching the rescues in question. Some points to note might be:

  • Does the group clearly demonstrate responsible animal care policies?
  • Are there multiple recent positive endorsements from a variety of sources?
  • Can you see that the type of work the rescue is focusing on is one which you are enthusiastic about?
  • When you begin communicating with management, do they interact reasonably and reliably?