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Pawfect Nation

location_on Durban View Road, Umhlanga, South Africa

Pawfect Nation South Africa is an animal rights and animal advocacy organisation that champions the rights of all animals and aims to educate the public about the extent of animal abuse and animal cruelty in South Africa and across the world. Our philosophy is that all animals should live free from abuse, free from captivity, free from exploitation, free from cold-blooded murder, free from oppression, free from suffering, and free from confinement. Pawfect Nation fervently hopes to establish a pro-life animal sanctuary in the near future, whereby we will rescue animals from abusive or dangerous situations and offer them a pro-quality of life. We do not believe in caging or chaining animals either - animals are not criminals so they do not need to be behind bars like prisoners. Pawfect Nation also abides by a 100% pro-life philosophy and believes that all animals deserve the right to be helped, no matter how serious a condition they are found in. If medical intervention cannot save them or relieve them of their suffering, then only will the difficult decision be made to put them to sleep to end their suffering be made. However, this is the absolute last resort and will only occur if all other avenues to save an animal have been exhausted.

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