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Friends of Nature (abbreviation: FON, Chinese: 自然之友, pinyin: zìrán zhī yǒu) is the People's Republic of China's oldest environmental non-government organization. On March 31, 1994, the organization was officially registered under the name Green Culture Institute of the International Academy of Chinese Culture under the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The focus of the group is to raise awareness about environmental protection ( such as saving endangered species, recycling, energy conservation etc.) through workshops, field trips and the training of teachers. Furthermore, FON has been instrumental in the development of other environmental NGOs and student groups across China because NGOs in China are technically forbidden from establishing branch offices. FON was China's first legal NGO. In 1996, FON members traveled to Kekexili to collect information about the Tibetan antelope population. Two years later, FON held a series of conferences about the protection of the Tibetan antelope in conjunction with several international NGOs including World Wide Fund for Nature and International Fund for Animal Welfare. The conferences raised awareness about the plight of the antelope. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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