Japan Cat Network (Kyoto Branch)

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We are an animal welfare group with a 15+ year history in Japan of "Helping people help pets".. A volunteer run organization and donation funded- WE THANK YOU for your kindness/generosity.. Our greatest joy comes from helping individuals learn the importance of spay/neuter, TNR and/or finding fur-ever homes for the stray/abandoned animals in their own community.. Whether in everyday mode with endless emails of advice or crisis mode like on the ground rescuing animals from the radiated areas of Fukushima we've been there since the beginning. We help people help pets. We believe that people helping pets should not have to give up everything to do so. If you have a good local project, or an idea for one, we want to assist you. We also want to try to help you solve any cat or dog related problems.

Animal Welfare Cat Protection Dog Protection Pet Protection
Foster Homes Pet Adoption Spay/Neuter Program Humane Education/Community Outreach
Accepts Volunteers Registered NPO or NGO

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