4 Powerful Chinese Animal Rescue Organisations to Support

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February 2018 marked the end of Year of the Rooster and gave way to the Year of the Dog. Why are these years represented by animals, you ask? Well, similar to the zodiac signs of the west, Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals. These animals are appointed to each year. The belief is that the qualities of these animals, reflect the traits of the people born in that particular year.

As of February 5th this year, we’ve entered into the Year of the Dog. Since this lunar year is dedicated to our canine buddies, we, at Animal Rescue Guide, thought that it would be the best time to introduce you to four spectacular animal rescue organizations in Asia, working in China.

1. Animals Asia

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Animals Asia first started on 8th August 1998, with the primary goal of preventing the horrific bear bile trade. Could you imagine majestic bears being kidnapped from the wild, tied up and hooked to a machine for their bile? This is the fate of more than 10,000 bears, kept captive in farms in China & over 1,200 in Vietnam. The bile is drained from these animals for medicinal purposes. Today, however, there are several herbal and synthetic alternatives, which have the same remedial properties as the bile. Despite the availability of these replacements, there still exists a demand for bear bile in Asian countries. This in turn, leads to the cruel practice of bear bile farming.

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Photo Credits: http://www.animalsasia.com/

Animals Asia has worked tirelessly to rescue these bears and has successfully saved more than 500 lives. The bears are now being healed and taken care of in Animals Asia’s sanctuaries in both China as well as Vietnam. The organization is also responsible for bringing this relatively secretive trade, in the international spotlight.

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Photo Credits: http://www.animalsasia.com/

Some zoos and safaris in Asia are infamous for their ill-treatment of animals and have caused a worldwide outrage. Animals Asia campaigns against them, while working with the local authorities to develop better animal management practices. They also spread awareness on the state of the animals kept in captivity.

Aside from this, they constantly put in tremendous work to end the cat & dog meat trade in China & Vietnam. While doing so, they also concentrate their efforts in spreading compassion for animals and promoting animal welfare around the world, through their innovative education programs for dog protection. Dr. Dog & Professor Dog are two of these programs.

They are number one on our list, not only for the above-mentioned reasons, but also because of how involved they are with their supporters. The organization offers free English lessons and advertises free volunteering opportunities at hospitals and offices, depending on the volunteer’s skill set.

We believe that Animals Asia sets a great example of a powerful and effective organization. Other smaller and recently established NGO’s could learn plenty from them.

Besides founding bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam, Animals Asia maintains it’s headquarters in Hong Kong, with offices in Australia, China, Germany, Italy, the UK, USA, and Vietnam.

2. Friends Of Nature

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Friends of Nature - better known as FON, was established on 31st March 1994. It’s one of the earliest known NGO’s in China, working towards the betterment of both the environment and animals.

Thanks to their years of presence and good work, the company has accumulated a number of loyal followers who support the organization in numerous ways. FON is known for it’s campaigning skills and has a big outreach. They urge people to protect and safeguard the wildlife on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They have been actively working with the government to protect the Tibetan antelope against poaching and the results have been promising.

FON offer environmental education programs to teach people to be one with nature. Their aim is to strengthen the wavering bonds between mankind, wildlife, and the environment. In doing so, they help in the preservation of the entire ecosystem.

They have their own volunteer and internship program and are constantly on the lookout for people with certain skill sets, based on the organization's immediate requirement. In the past, they have recruited volunteers for video editing, scientific research, writing and more! So keep an eye on their website if you’re keen on volunteering for the organization.

3. China Small Animal Protection Association

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China Small Animal Protection Association, better known as CSAPA, was established in 1992 by Lu Di. Since the very beginning, the purpose of the foundation, at its core, was to put an end to animal cruelty by making changes in the laws that govern animal rights. Educating the public and helping them develop compassion for all beings on the planet, were some of their other goals. They strive hard, year after year, to achieve these missions while also collaborating with other animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, and volunteers, in order to make a difference in the lives of several animals throughout the nation. CSAPA gained international fame when they developed a strong advertising campaign against the dog meat trade and Yulin dog meat festival. The campaign sparked conversations—both online and offline—on the stomach-churning treatment of dogs in China.

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Photo Credits: CSAPA

Click here to know more about the campaign. (WARNING - Graphic Content)

CSAPA directs its resources into protecting, rescuing and improving the quality of life for all animals. The company has received tremendous support over the years from famous people such as Mr. Zhao Puchu, a renowned calligrapher and poet, as well as other animal lovers around the globe.

While their headquarter is in Beijing, they network with organizations across countries, to end animal cruelty.

4. Xi’an Pomegranate Stray Animals Rescuing Base

During our search for impactful animal rescue organizations making a difference in China, we came across this heartwarming video featuring Xi’an Pomegranate Stray Animals Rescuing Base.

Founded in August of 2005 as a small rescue center, Pomegranate Stray Animals Rescuing Base has grown substantially over the last few years. The organization is involved in all aspects of animal rescue - right from rescuing stray animals, providing medical assistance, sterilizing them, to finding them a forever home.

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Photo Credits: http://chinaplus.cri.cn

The company’s founder, Jiang Hong, personally gets involved with as many adoptions as she can, to ensure that the animals ends up in a safe home with a loving family. This is of immense importance in countries like China & Vietnam, where even pets are stolen for meat. Ensuring that the stray has found a secure home, drastically reduces the chances of it falling prey to the dog/cat meat trade.

Click here to find out more

Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate the organization’s social media channel or website. If you can help us get connected with them, please leave us a comment below!

It’s because of NGO’s like these, that animal cruelty in China and it’s neighboring countries, have substantially reduced in the last few years, but there’s still a long way to go. We hope that more institutions like the ones above can receive all the support they need, to save many lives in China and all around planet earth.

Happy Year of the Dog to all our readers! This year, spend some extra time cuddling your furry loyal buddies. It’s their year, after all.