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Everybody's worried about BonBon.

So here's how it goes.. you're walking down the street in Ubud, Bali, (or anywhere in the developing world, really) when you see one of those dogs.

You know the ones... raw from mange, swollen up, or dry as a stick, limping, crouching... dying in stomach-turning neglect. You know how it goes: - it's hopeless, the people are to blame, what can you do? It's awful - you keep on going...

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When I met BonBon he was strolling down one of the hippest streets in Expatlandia, Ubud centro, dripping blood from his anus, livid with foul skin, almost hairless, and with an open wound on his belly, from which his intestines were pushing out.

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It was ugly, yes, but it was also heart-wrenching. If there's one thing I know about dogs, it's that every one has a home - even if it's a scrap of cardboard in a gutter - so I followed him, to see if I could help.

BonBon went a few yards past me, back to his mum.

As it turns out, he is deeply loved by his Balinese family who are afraid he has cancer, who are hand feeding him and distraught, but just didn't know how to help him. His little sister, Lulu, has the terrible depressions over what's happening to BonBon. His mum is desperate.

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Call to Bali Animal Rescue Center.

10 MINUTES LATER: vet and ambulance arrives.

3 HOURS LATER: BonBon is on the operating table under the lovely gaze of the lady doctor at Sunset Vet.

ONE DAY LATER: BonBon is cured. he's had a large growth removed, and is all stitched up. He has medicine for his skin, treatment for parasites and all-clear on cancer. He is barking his head off at the surgery, mad to get home to mummy.

TWO DAYS LATER: BonBon passes me in the street - wagging tail, king of the road, eager to get the news from the sidewalks and empty lots.

All of this for freeee - because of people who donate 🙂 - because of people who notice.

Moral of story - you just never know!

This story was written by Jade Richardson.

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