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Tamarah Cohen has always been a friend of cats. So it was no surprise to hear about the start of her latest cat helping project, located along the bank of the Kamo River in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. What might be surprising is the absolutely stunning photography which she has used to regularly portray her beautiful riverside care recipients to their kind supporters and sponsors.

On any given day, Tamarah (also a busy Osaka University professor) cares for dozens of spayed and neutered cats, along with working to arrange sterilization surgeries for new arrivals. She has worked tirelessly to place kittens in forever homes, and to hold sick or injured cats for rehabilitation. She has also steadily expanded her colony areas, rounding up more and more unsterilized cats and increasing the impact of her efforts.

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In a country with few animal welfare resources on offer, this is no simple task. Nor is it a task for the faint of heart. Tamarah has weathered the love and loss of colony members, along with the usual unkind word or action from those opposed to any assistance provided to feral cats. This is a woman who will not be deterred.

Tamarah’s latest project involves creating a sanctuary for the most vulnerable of her colonies. Volunteers from the Japan Cat Network have been helping with the renovations to a newly donated space, which already houses a family of mom and kittens as well as an injured cat rehabilitating after surgery to remove one leg.

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By supporting sterilization focused efforts like Tamarah’s Kyoto Rivercat Mission, your donation will go a very long way towards humanely helping to prevent the unnecessary suffering of hundreds more. Check out Tamarah’s page to see some fabulous photos and follow her steadfast work. Those of us already following the Rivercats are hoping to one day see their beautiful photos collected in a book benefiting continued rescue efforts! In the meantime, supporters can donate, sponsor a feline recipient, and/or give life saving supplies via the Kyoto Rivercats Amazon wishlist.

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