Heroic Rescue: Man Jumps Into Canal to Save Drowning Dog

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If there’s one thing that all animal lovers have in common, it’s the fact that they can’t stand watching an animal in pain and in need of help. While not everyone might jump into a cloudy canal to save a partially blind dog, this kind man in Bangkok, did just that.

Video Credits AMARIN TVHD

On May 9th, Tibet Nimitput took a boat from Askoke pier to Bangkapi. What he thought would be an ordinary commute, turned out to be a much more memorable ride home.

Before reaching Bangkapi pier, Tibet saw a crowd gathered on top of the canal’s bridge, staring straight down. When their boat got closer, he noticed a man floating in the canal, while holding a dog. Tibet then put two and two together and figured out that the dog must be old and weak, with poor eyesight and minimal walking abilities, who must have fallen down the canal while strolling. He also guessed that the man in the yellow tshirt is likely to have jumped in the murky water, to rescue the dog. He would later find out that his assumptions were absolutely correct!

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Photo Credits Tibet Nimitput

He, along with other passengers, spoke to the driver who then stopped the boat to pick up both, the man and the dog, to give them to a lift to the docks.

The heroic rescuer, with the help of others passengers, transferred the dog to the boat and proceeded to swim to a ladder to climb out of the canal.

He didn’t care that the water was dirty or stinky. He didn’t think of the diseases he could contract from swimming there. All he saw was an animal in need of his help, and so, he jumped in.

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Photo Credits จิ๊กโก๋ สามขีด

We need more people like him on our planet. The kind who literally jump at the opportunity to aid helpless animals, instead of watching and pitying. Thank you, kind man in the yellow tshirt, for doing this incredible deed! Reminders like these, help us believe that the world is still an incredible place with compassionate people.

As for the dog, we heard that he was taken care of by a university student, who was waiting on top of the bridge.

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