Homes for the Holidays

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Susan Roberts

I'm an educator, traveler, vegan, and animal welfare enthusiast. I'm originally from America, but have been living in Japan for over 20 years.

Animal Rescue Guide thanks everyone around the world taking care of sheltered and rescued pets this holiday season! Thank you for giving the gift that keeps them living! Looking forward to all of the good we can do together for animals and the people who help them in the coming year.

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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the place
Lots of creatures were stirring, and on each furry face

Worried eyes gazed out sadly, from the shiny steel squares
Wondering how this had happened, and why they'd been left there

Poor Blackie was old, and young Peanut had grown
Gentle Bob had to go when a new babe came home

Tom, Jerry, and Tim had been born by mistake
Spot peed on the carpet ‘cause he just couldn't wait

Princess scratched sofas, and Fluffy was sick
With enough thought and care, every flaw could be fixed

Now each pet there had waited, while each guest had walked by
Put their paws through the bars, and they gave their best try

At the end of the day these sweet left behind pets
Settled down for another long night like the rest

And then through the hall a lone soul kindly came
He stopped by each cage and he called out each name

A pat and a cuddle a kiss and a hug
She called them her babies, she said they were loved

He said there'll be families, who will come that new year
She passed out some treats, and then spent Christmas here

This happens in shelters all across every land
There are pets who sit waiting, there are souls with kind hands

Thank you caregivers, staff, thank you all volunteers
Who forgo festive feasts and those holiday cheers

To spend kind silent nights so that pets aren’t alone
Wishing glad lives for all and for all a new home