There’s something extremely calming about watching a flock of pigeons fly across a purplish sky during twilight. But for many people living in the cities, these birds feel like a nuisance. In the past, one solution to this “nuisance” was to capture and kill them. More often than not, this inhumane method of population control did not make any drastic difference. Sometimes, it resulted in an even bigger pigeon population explosion, due to an increase in the reproductive rate of the birds that were left behind. In the last few years however, vibrant lofts have been popping up in Germany & Holland, which are created especially for pigeons, so that they can live happily and in peace without being an annoyance to the humans.

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We, at Animal Rescue Guide, are huge fans of innovative ideas that result in a harmonious co-existence of all species. So, the Pigeon Loft – a colourful home for the birdies – surprised us in all the right ways.

What are the Pigeon Lofts?

These aluminum structures provide a nesting room for more than 200 pigeons. The eggs that these pigeons produce are taken out and replaced by artificial eggs. Kind-hearted volunteers play a huge role in the maintenance of the lofts. They clear out bird droppings, give the occupants healthy food everyday, consequently ensuring that the pigeons live there, instead of window ledges.

The pigeon lofts are built in such a way that they can easily withstand harsh weather. This, coupled with the quality of food that the pigeons are fed, result in healthy birds that live much longer than the ones that live outside the lofts.

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Loft Designer Stefan Gross and Loft Maker L. Platjé

Stefan Gross, the brain behind the design of the loft, successfully brought down the population of the pigeons around the loft’s location. One famous pigeon loft is located in Rotterdam. Binnenwegplein, a famous shopping area near this loft, has seen a noticeable decrease in the pigeon population.

Landelijke Werkgroep Duivenoverlast, a welfare group, has been advocating the use of this cruelty free solution in Europe. Germany has installed about 40 lofts and other countries like Italy and France are also leaning towards building several of these lofts.

We hope that more cities around the world with pigeon related problems, consider creating these lofts, as it’s a humane method of controlling pigeon population while giving them a happy, healthy life.

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