Jane Goodall’s message for 2017 encourages us to stay strong

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Susan Roberts

I'm an educator, traveler, vegan, and animal welfare enthusiast. I'm originally from America, but have been living in Japan for over 20 years.

As animal lovers and advocates in the U.S. wait with deep concern to see what the new administration will mean for animal welfare in the States, Jane Goodall offers a message of hope! Potentially one of the most impactful pieces of good news on the animal welfare front for 2016 came at the very end of the year, in the form of China’s definitive ban on ivory. In combination with the near-total ban that went into effect in the United States in July, this could make 2016 a very good year for elephants and the people trying to help.

There will always be challenges, and perhaps tougher times bring out greater determination. It’s inspiring to listen to Jane Goodall’s message reminding us that each one of us can make a difference.