Lucky Kitty Rescued after Earthquake In Taiwan

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Close to midnight on 6th February 2018,  Taiwan was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4. The earthquake - with its epicenter along the cost of Hualien city - left buildings collapsed and some structures damaged, in its wake.

As we’ve mentioned in our earlier posts,  along with the loss of human life, these natural disasters wreak havoc in the lives of animals too.

Fortunately, there are rescuers out there who are on the lookout for people, as well as animals that need help. Here’s one such heartwarming story of a cat that was successfully rescued from a partially collapsed building in Taiwan.

Building No. 2 of Guoxing Sixth Street in Hualien, was half crumbled when the Yunlin County Special Search and Rescue Team arrived there on the 7th of February, the day after the earthquake. They came with the intention of locating missing people, but were greeted by an unusual sight upon entering the damaged building. There was a cat stuck in between the window of the mezzanine floor.

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The rescue team was alarmed and wondered how the cat survived being stuck in there for so long in the cold. When the team approached the cat, they noticed how it didn’t put up a fight. The rescuers sprang into action and got the adorable kitty, back to safety. After a quick check-up of the cat, Mr. Wu Hongyi (Chief of Disaster Relief Department of Yunlin County Fire Station) noted that the cat was perfectly healthy, and sustained no injury.

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The cat has now been reunited with its guardians.

After this victory, the team marched forward with their search & rescue mission to find the victims of the earthquake, and hoped that they could rescue them the same way they helped this cat.