Nazli’s Story - From Life in Turkey to Home in Canada

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When it comes to animal rescue, different countries have their own rules and ways of dealing with situations. However, the one thing in common that every animal lover around the world has, is an undying compulsion to help an animal in distress.

Animal Rescue Guide was recently contacted by one such incredible rescuer from Turkey.

Dr. Ender Selcuk got in touch with us to tell us about Nazli, a blind dog rescued in Turkey. She wanted to know whether we could share Nazli’s story with people around the world, and urge animals lover to adopt her. However, before we could help this lovely dog, she got adopted and received her much deserved happy ending!

We are eager to tell you this wonderful dog’s heart warming story, but let’s first get to know our fellow animal supporter, Dr. Ender Selcuk.

Dr. Ender Selcuk is an oral surgeon currently living in Canada but is originally from Turkey. She’s been tirelessly working towards the betterment of stray animals in Turkey, especially those who are struggling to survive. She tells us with a heavy heart that animal negligence, abuse and slaughter are the bleeding wounds of her country and that only a handful of people in every city and town, fight for animal rights.

In a country where animal welfare is lacking, people like Dr. Selcuk who are strong advocates of animal rights, are the biggest blessings.

Animal Rescue Guide had a chat with Dr. Ender to know more about Nazli. By the way, Nazli in English means coy. Why was she named that? Read on to find out!

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Where, When & How Nazli was Found

Nazli was first seen by the volunteers Sebahat Hanifeoglu and Sadet Yılmaz in the city of Kastamonu, surrounded by garbage piles in the dumpster area.

Villagers and farmers in the region, take young dogs from the city and use them as watchdogs during the harvest season. After the harvest, the farmers leave the animals in the dumpster area and in the forests, since they don’t have enough money to care for them for the rest of the year. The hunters in the region do the same with female hounds.

Sebahat & Sadet regularly conduct mass feedings around these areas to make sure that the animals don’t starve. They also do their best to take care of any animals that have diseases.

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So, when they found this puppy in the dump area, they noticed that she had severe mangy and was walking a bit funny. She was afraid of people and didn’t let them close to her. She kept running away when the volunteers tried to grab her. During this chase, she almost got hit by a car. Dr. Ender told us that If she would have got hit, her life story would have ended in the dumping ground. Thankfully that didn’t happen. After a while, the volunteers managed to grab her and began treating her.

Nazli’s Recovery

Initially, they didn’t realize she was blind. After they started her medical checkups, they were made aware of her condition.

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Dr. Ender got involved at that stage and sent her to a clinic in the capital, for the treatment of mangy. A month later, she was sent to the Ankara Veterinary Faculty. That’s when professors of the ophthalmology clinic sadly informed Dr. Ender that Nazli’s blindness was permanent and that they had no hope of her eyesight ever recovering.

Dr. Ender then took Nazli to the city that she lived in and had her veterinarian friend conduct all of her general and specific immunization. She also got Nalzi neutered.

The veterinarian’s nurse was so heartbroken by Nazli’s story, that she took her to her home and cared for her until she found her forever home.

Nazli’s Foster Home

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Caption: Nazlı with her foster mom in Turkey.

At her foster home, Nazli lived with 5 other disabled cats and she was very good friends with them all. She’s a dog that loves attention and human company. She always gets so excited when her human friends pet her and play with her.

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This previously scared and shy girl is now such an incredibly friendly ball of joy!

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Caption: Nazlı’s at her foster house.

She is a kind soul, who didn’t allow her disability of sight to turn her into an aggressive animal. The more time people spend with Nazli, the more they realize how much of a trusting and loving dog she truly is.

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She is also a super fast learner. She learned how to navigate through the nurse’s house with ease. Her foster mommy claims that Nazli can see light and that is how she navigates, but the vet says she learned the blueprint of the house very quickly and that's why she's so comfortable with moving around. In spite of her sight, she walks without problems, climbs stairs and is toilet trained. She really doesn’t have any special needs, just like with any other dog, her owners need to make sure they hold on to her leash when walking her outside.

Nazli is so extremely calm, peaceful and well-behaved that it makes the people around her feel like she is fully aware of her situation and is dealing with it, with so much grace.

Nazli’s Forever Home

The best news of all is that recently, Nazli has found her furever home! Thanks to Rory O’Neil & the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, Nazli now has a permanent home in Canada. Few days ago, she got on the plane with volunteer flight buddy, Gökşin Alaeddinli and flew to Toronto. From there, she traveled to Vancouver. She has now settled into her new home with Steve, her proud adopter in the Sunshine Coast.

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Caption: Nazlı’s with Steve and his dog

We’ll conclude her story with a message from Dr. Ender.

“For us, Nazlı is the embodiment of Lord's way of saying ‘There is always hope.’

The sad part is that maybe us humans, are the truly blind ones. This dog sees with her heart while we are blinded by our greed.

Turkey has a population of 70 million people but we were still unable to find even one person who thought of adopting this soul. This is a shame for my country and my nation. But animal lovers from around the world, did their best to help this poor doggie. We need more people like them on this planet. In Turkish we have a saying ‘If the world is still revolving it’s thanks to these volunteers…’ Nazli is an absolute love machine and we are all so happy that she’s found her happy ending.”

Animal Rescue Guide is also delighted to hear about this positive turn of events!

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Are you as touched by Nazli’s story as we are? There are many animals like her that are barely getting by each day, in Turkey and around the world. They are in need of warm and happy homes. Get in touch with us or the volunteers below to adopt, donate or help such animals.

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