Pokemon Go saves Spock (VIDEO)

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While Pokemon and Star Trek fans might initially be disappointed, animal lovers will find this to be a thrilling and heroic rescue story, with a fairytale happy ending! joelalmeidaptg tells how he found a tiny kitten in a desperate situation, while out playing Pokemon Go in Portugal, and details how he managed to help save the kitten’s life.

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The retrieval and rescue was a long difficult process, involving firemen, other professionals, and various machinery. The entire area was cordoned off to keep cars out of the way. When the firemen first arrived, they actually thought the kitten had already died. Everyone was relieved to hear the kitten cry when prodded.

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The initial plan was to apply some oil to the kitten and to use a broomstick to try to take it out. But when they tried that, the kitten screamed in pain, and the firemen realized that a more complex plan would be needed. The police were eventually brought in, along with a worker from the utility company. One of the firemen became very worried about the kitten’s condition due to the heat and he tried to give the kitten water. They were all happy to see the kitten drink!

The rescuer says that the firemen worked for 3 hours in temperatures over 40ºC in order to save the kitten’s life. He marvels that not everyone would have been willing to do that for a cat, and expresses gratitude for their kind cooperation. He calls them the true heroes of this story!

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Finally, the kitten was taken out and it went home with the rescuer. A bath, and de-fleaing were necessary. The kitten wasn’t well socialized at first, and hissed when approached. However, he immediately got on well with the family’s other 2 cats and dog.

He surprised everyone by digging right into the dog’s food bowl! Luckily, the kitten ended up also charming the human members of the family, and was welcomed permanently into the home.

After 4 months, he finally grew into a beautiful ginger tabby, and out of the big ears which initially gave him the name of Spock.

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What a wonderful story about what can happen when kind people see a problem and get involved!

If you’re wondering what to do when you see a kitten in trouble, no matter where you are in the world, here are some helpful tips that could aid in a successful rescue.

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