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In a town located about 150 miles outside of Tokyo, a small community is working to make big changes.

Five years ago, a group of Brazilians founded the Projecto Felinos Japan, an organization whose mission is to tackle the stray-cat problem in their Japanese town and beyond, primarily through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). They hope to not only reduce the number of homeless cats, but to also bring together and strengthen their community, and in turn help teach kindness towards animals. They see TNR as an opportunity to teach their children that when faced with a problem, it’s possible to work it out.

In addition to TNR efforts, the group takes in and cares for ill or injured cats. They even run a shelter, which houses a number of sweet cats waiting for their forever homes. The love they have for the little lives in their care really shows in everything they do for them. To ensure that each cat gets the home they deserve, they ask each potential adopter to carefully consider not only their current situation, but their future as well, in order to prevent the returning or abandonment of the adopted cat later on. These felines are lucky to be under the care of PFJ, who works hard to make sure that their next home is a forever home! Speaking of lucky felines, this guy here – Mingau – has gotten a second chance at a happy life thanks to PFJ’s hard work.

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Mingau was rescued from an abusive home and nursed back to health with lots of TLC. He is still in foster care though, waiting for someone who might open their heart and home to him and give him the sort of contented life every cat deserves.

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As you can imagine, taking on the number of cats that they do, PFJ is always in need of help. You can donate much-needed food, supplies, or money through their homepage (which is in Portuguese, though if you use Chrome you can easily translate the page into English) or via their Indiegogo Generosity page. They are also in need of volunteers to temporarily home or foster cats, sponsor sterilizations, vaccines, and medical bills. Even simply “sharing” profiles of adoptable cats from their Facebook page is helpful. If you are multilingual, translation help (from English to Portuguese or English to Japanese) is needed as well. There are so many ways to make a difference--which is really what Projecto Felinos Japan is all about!