Green Heritage Fund Suriname Sloth Santuary

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    The Green Heritage Fund Suriname runs 4 programs, the Xenarthra Program; the Dolphin Program; Education and research; and green community development. The work covers the whole of Suriname and also the marine realm. The Xenarthra Program of the foundation is involved in the shelter, care, rehabilitation and release of these animals. This means that orphaned and distressed animals are adopted temporarily until they are healthy and prepared to be returned to the forest. The dolphin program has been involved in the collection of basic data, training of volunteers and other stakeholders, and providing education and information to the general public. The Education and research program aims to create a more informed citizenry through education (formal and informal training) and information with regard to the values of nature conservation by institutionalizing a nature conservation ethic. The community development program aims to establish and maintain a program that records and promotes positive values, practices and knowledge about the environment in collaboration with the groups from which this knowledge originates.

    Animal Welfare Wildlife Conservation Environmental Fur
    Shelter Sponsorship Humane Education/Community Outreach Sanctuary Wildlife Rehabilitation


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